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Sec. A
Admit to membership in the league any school eligible under this Constitution provided two-thirds of the membership approve.
Sec. B Amend this Constitution and its By-laws for the government of the league and of itself.
Sec. C Fix and enforce penalties for any violation of the Constitution, by-laws and other rules of the league.
Sec. D Determine what forms of athletic activities shall be conducted by the league.
Sec. E Instruct the Commissioner concerning his duties
Sec. F Investigate the eligibility of any league athlete under question and render decisions concerning such protests.
Sec. G Collect and disburse the funds of the league.
Sec. H Institute, locate, conduct and manage all championships meets and tournaments of the league.
Sec. I Approve all athletic schedules of the league.
Sec. J Levy assessments by a two-thirds vote of the Board of Managers.
Sec. K Approve all awards and honors made by or in the name of the league.
Sec. L Decide on all protests relating to athletic matters which may arise in connection with league athletic contests unless other wise provided for in this Constitution.
Sec. M Exercise, or provide for the exercise of, all functions of the league not elsewhere provided for in this Constitution and its By-laws.


Sec. A Preside at all meetings, appoint committees and perform such other duties usually required of a presiding officer and vote on all motions and By-laws.
Sec. B Appoint a certified public accountant to make the tri-annual audit of the league’s financial accounts.


Sec. A Assume the powers and duties of the President in the absence of the President.


Sec. A Keep a complete record of all business transacted at each meeting of the Board of Managers and Executive Committee; carry on all official correspondence and perform such similar duties as usually evolve on such a position. Sec. B Insure that all necessary preparations are made for league tournaments and meets, these to include fees and necessary expense.
Sec. C Insure that all league schedules for the following year are drawn up and presented for approval by the Board of Managers no later than the May meeting.
Sec. D Attend the league’s CIF Section meetings.
Sec. E Act in liaison capacity between the league schools and the various sports officials associations. The Commissioner may provide a list of certified officials associations to the Board of Managers and league schools.
Sec. F Take charge of all league moneys, deposit same in a bank or depository approved by the Board of Managers and pay all bills against the finances of the league.
Sec. G Keep member schools informed of current information pertinent to the league athletic program.
Sec. H Carry out such other duties as directed by the Board of Managers. Sec. I Cancel games in an emergency.


Sec. A Attend all Board of Managers’ meetings. In the event of the absence of the principal, a voting alternative administrator may represent the school.
Sec. B Be cognizant of league and CIF information communicated to him/her. Insure that such information is made known to pertinent members of each school staff and be responsible for the enforcement of league and CIF regulations as they affect each school.
Sec. C Insure that league athletic schedules, as they affect each school, are carried out and any changes in such schedules are by his/her approval.
Sec. D Do all that is reasonable to insure that standards of sportsmanship are maintained by his/her school staff and students.


Sec. A The Board of Managers shall be responsible for determining how the league shall finance its operation. It shall authorize assessments and collect and disburse funds.
Sec. B A proposed budget prepared by the Commissioner for the ensuing year shall be considered by the Board of Managers at its May meeting for approval by them.
Sec. C When assessments are levied against member schools on the basis of enrollment, the date of October 1 of the current school year shall be used as the date for determining enrollment.


Sec. A Official's for all SCCAL athletic contest shall be members of the Santa Cruz County Official's Association's (SCCOA). All schools in the SCCAL will be bound to use SCCOA official's for their contest, unless the SCCOA does not have an association for a particular sport in the SCCAL or are, placed in a supplemental league that uses another official's association. Any changes in association's must be approved by the SCCAL Board of Managers.
Sec. B The Commissioner shall act in a liaison capacity for the league schools to SCCOA. Matters of mutual concern to the league and SCCOA shall be decided by agreement between the Board of Managers or its designee(s) and an authorized representative(s) of SCCOA.
Sec. C The approved schedule for official’s fees, in each sport, shall be published by the Commissioner and distributed to each member school at the start of the school year prior to the first athletic contest of the year.
Sec. D Official’s fees must be paid in timely manner by the home team school except when otherwise directed by the Commissioner (Legue Playoffs).
Sec. E An official on the staff of a league school is not to be assigned to officiate any athletic contest in which that school is a participant. An official is not to officiate any contest in which a family relative is a participant. This rule does not apply for athletic contest for which SCCOA does not assign officials.
Sec. F The Board of Manager's reserves the authority to refuse services from any individual who is not performing up to the standards of the NFHS, CCS, and SCCOA, based on recommendations from member schools. The Board through the League Commissioner, will notify the appropriate officials' association of the refusal of services and the reasons why.


Sec. A In order to be eligible to compete in athletics in the league an athlete must be eligible in all respects according to CIF regulations.
Sec. B It is the responsibility of the Principal or their designee to verify the eligibility of their school athletes.
Sec. C Once a season has begun, to be defined as 9:00 A.M. on the first day allowed for practice, no transfer of eligibility shall be signed by a principal unless (1) the school a student wishes to transfer from offers no team in a sport, or (2) the student prior to the beginning of a season, has completed all paperwork requesting an open enrollment of an intradistrict or interdistrict transfer.
Sec. D An exceptional Varsity athlete in an individual sport may be allowed to increase his/her number of competitions during a regular season with the approval of the league president and the league commissioner.


Sec. A The Board of Managers may develop and distribute to member school, a Code of Sportsmanship. It shall encourage in all member schools a continuing program for the teaching of sportsmanship to all their students and their communities.

  1. We shall treat the teams and spectators of visiting schools as our guests.
  2. We shall avoid rowdyism, profanity or uncouth actions of any nature.
  3. We shall respect our school campus and those of other schools, and avoid any action which is in any way destructive to them.
  4. We shall respect the integrity and judgment of game officials and avoid derisive action or words toward them.
  5. We shall enthusiastically support our cheerleaders and respect the cheerleaders of our opponents.
  6. We shall respect skillful and courageous performance by all participants in the athletic contest and at all times refrain from unsportsmanlike remarks to or about visiting team members and spectators.
  7. Necessary comments or discussions with a game official shall be made by the head coach only, and he or she shall be the only coach who approaches the officials.


Sec. A A protest of the eligibility of any athlete shall be made in writing by a member principal to the Commissioner and the President of the League, setting forth in detail the points protested. The principal of the school in which the protested athlete is enrolled must submit to the Board of Managers through the Commissioner, a certified statement of the athlete’s eligibility. If such proof is not produced within seven days the athlete shall be (suspended) declared ineligible and all contests in which he/she was a participant shall be forfeited.
Sec. B Protests relating to game or contest officials and their work or actions shall be in writing to the Commissioner and to the President and shall be postmarked within two school days after the game or contest. The protest must be made by the principal of the school concerned. The Commissioner will study the facts of the case and recommend appropriate action concerning the protest to the Board of Managers for final decision. No contest may be protested unless the official rule book for that sport has provisions for protest.
Sec. C A protest concerning students and staff of league member schools in relation to the athletic programs shall only be made by the principal, or principal designee of the school concerned. The protest setting forth the details of the case will be submitted in writing to the Commissioner and President with a copy to the principal of the other school involved. The Board of Managers will consider the problem and determine an appropriate course of action.
Sec. D Recommendations, decisions and actions by the Board of Managers in matter of protest shall be final (unless and appeal is made by the principal of the school involved in the protest to the Board of Managers).


Sec. A Gross violations of the principles of sportsmanship by athletes will be called to the attention of the principal of the athlete’s school. The principal is charged with the responsibility for taking appropriate steps for remediation.
Sec. BA player who is disqualified by an official shall not participate anymore in that game or contest or in the next game or contest that his or her team plays, including a post season game.  A second disqualification will result in the player being dropped from the sport for the balance of the season and from any all-league awards.  When a player is ejected he or she must remain under the supervision of the coach.  During the next game under suspension, the player may not be in uniform or sit on the team bench.  Suspended players may not attend games as a spectator, except when the coach is required to provide supervision in the absence of a parent.
Sec. CIf a coach is ejected from a contest (league/non-league, pre or post season) he or she must sit out the remainder of that contest and the next contest in which his or her team participates.  The coach has one minute to leave the playing site of said contest.  The coach must be out of sight of game officials/ umpires/players and other team persons.  If a head coach is ejected and there is no certified or certificated person to take his or her place the game will beforfeited. 
Sec. D Player ejection appeal process

  1. Appeal must be in writing from the principal of the team on which the ejected player is a member.
  2. The appeal must be made within seventy-two (72) hours of the conclusion of the contest.
  3. The appeal must be submitted to the Commissioner.
  4. The Commissioner will convene a panel that will consist of three (3) administrators (excluding the schools involved) to hear the appeal.
  5. After hearing all of the testimony from all involved and reviewing any material brought forward, the panel will render its decision. Video may only be used to exonerate a player.
  6. If the Commissioner is not available, the league president or his designee will convene the appeals panel.
  7. The determination of the panel will be final.

Sec. A If a coach is ejected from a contest (league/non-league, pre or post season) he/she must sit out the remainder of that contest and the next contest in which his/her team participates. The coach or player has one minute to leave the playing site or said contest. This person must be out of sight of game officials/umpires/players or other team persons. If a head coach is ejected and there is no certified or certificated person to take his/her place, the game will be forfeited. Sec. B If a coach is ejected from a previous contest and, not following the SCCAL By-laws, participates in the next contest anyway, that contest will be forfeited and the coach must sit out the next contest.
Sec. C Appeal process
  1. The appeal must be in writing to the principal of the coaches school.
  2. The appeal must be made within seventy-two (72) hours of the conclusion of the contest.
  3. The appeal must be submitted to the commissioner.
  4. The commissioner after reviewing the appeal, if necessary, will convene a panel that will consist of three (3) administrators (excluding the school involved) to hear the appeal.
  5. After hearing all of the testimony from all involved and reviewing any material brought forward, the panel will render its decision. Video may only be used to exonerate a coach.
  6. If the commissioner is not available the league president or his designee will convene the appeals panel.
  7. The determination of the panel will be final.


Sec. A A suitable program and system for awards and honors for teams and individual athletes shall be developed and controlled and annually reviewed by the Board of Managers.
Sec. B Suitable awards shall be presented to schools winning league championships or co-championships, and to individuals with a medal for first through fourth place in varsity competition, and ribbons for other places.

  1. Team awards: Varsity - Pennants, Frosh, F/S, JV - Certificates
  2. Individual awards:
  • Cross Country: Individual for 1st -6th places. Varsity: medals 1st- 4th, ribbons for 5th, 6th. F/S 12 ribbons
  • Girls and Boys Tennis: Individual for 1st singles, 2nd singles, 1st doubles 2nd doubles. Varsity 6 medals. F/S 12 ribbons.
  • Boys and Girls Swimming and Diving: Individual for 1st - 6th in 8 singles races and 3 relays. Varsity 84 medals, 62 ribbons. F/S 126 ribbons
  • Wrestling: Individual Varsity, JV and novice for 1st - 4th place in 14 weight classes. Varsity 56 medals. F/S 56 ribbons. Novice 56 ribbons.
  • Boys and Girls Track and Field: Individual for 1st - 6th in 14 single events and 2 relays. Varsity 17 medals, 95 ribbons. F/S 102 ribbons.
  • Golf: Individual for 1st - 6th . Varsity: 4 medal 2 ribbons. F/S: 6 ribbons
  • (Cross Country and Track Awards are donated by Wharf to Wharf)

Sec. C Individual championship and all-league certificates will be issued for varsity teams in football, volleyball, water-polo, basketball, soccer, baseball, softball and golf.
Sec. D League championships will be awarded to the team having the bests standing in dual competition in all sports except those whose By-laws provide for other means of deciding team championships.
Sec. E In the determination of league standings, a win equals two (2) points and a tie equals (1) point except in baseball where the rules call for replaying the game is case of a tie.
Sec. F Where regular play results in a tie for the championship there will be no playoff and an award will be given to each team which tied. Playoffs, when necessary will be played to determine the league representatives for a league approved post-season tournament.


Official colors for shirts and jerseys of league school teams shall be one or a combination of colors as follows:

  • APTOS: Midnight blue and silver (Mascot: Mariners)
  • HARBOR: Forest green and yellow gold (Mascot: Pirates)
  • SAN LORENZO VALLEY: Red, black and white (Mascot: Cougars)
  • SANTA CRUZ: Red and white (Mascot: Cardinals)
  • SCOTTS VALLEY: Maroon and Vegas gold (Mascot: Falcons)
  • SOQUEL: Blue, gold and white (Mascot: Knights)
  • ST. FRANCIS: Burgundy and Gray (Mascot: Sharks)
  • Mt.MADONNA: Black and white (Mascot: Hawks)


Sec. A Student admission rates shall be granted to visiting students of member schools. Such students must prove their status in a manner agreeable to the host school.
Sec. B Cheerleaders, song leaders, majorettes and band members of a visiting school, when in uniform, shall be admitted free.


Sec. A League passes shall be issued annually to each member school by the Commissioner. These passes are good for admission to any league contest, for administrators and coaches only.
Sec. B League passes permit the bearer and one guest to be admitted on one pass. The Southern Conference pass is “non-transferable” from signed bearer and the name of the bearer shall be typed in by the issuing school.
Sec. C The Commissioner shall issue league passes to representatives of news gathering agencies.
Sec. D The “staff” passes will be in the possession of the distributed by the school’s athletic director. The term “staff” is meant to include certificated and classified personnel working with that high school and one guest. Staff passes are only good for all home and away games for competing schools.
Sec. E Officials will be admitted to any SCCAL contest in the sport in which they officiate upon presentation of a proper and valid “officials” pass.
Sec. F Lifetime passes are to be honored the same as Southern Conference passes.
Sec. G CCS passes are to be honored the same as Southern Conference passes.


Sec. A When weather conditions or other situations warrant the cancellation or postponement of an athletic contest, the principal of the host school or his representative shall be responsible for informing contest officials and the Commissioner.
Sec. B The principal, or his representative, of the school requesting the cancellation or postponement shall communicate with all schools involved as soon as possible. Should officials arrive to work a contest, having not been informed, the host school is obligated to pay them half fees. Any arrangement for re-scheduling postponed contest must be by agreement of the principals involved.


Sec. A The host school administrators will be responsible for security and supervision at the home site. This will also include the designation of the visiting school seating and rooting section area. The visiting school administrators will be responsible for their student body and fans in this area.
Sec. B For all football, basketball and other selected sports teams, the visiting team plus its rooters shall always be accompanied by an administrator or faculty representative. Upon his or her arrival the following procedure should take place.

  1. 1. During all SCCAL football games the home team administrator will meet with the visiting team administrator fifteen minutes before kickoff at the visitors’ bench. The referee at said contest should also be made aware of the administrators in attendance and their whereabouts during the contest.
  2. During all SCCAL basketball games the home team administrator will meet with the visiting team administrator fifteen minutes before tip-off at the scorers table. The referee at said contest should also be made aware of the administrator in attendance and their whereabouts during the contest.
  3. At all other selected sporting contest the same procedure should be followed. A similar plan of supervision at league tournaments and meets shall be implemented with school resource personnel.

Sec. C In all game situations where supervision by administrators is necessary the visiting schools should secure a league schedule and either by phone, mail, fax or email. let the home team know who your attending administrator will be previous to the contests.
Sec. D Mechanical noise-makers, painted faces, thunder sticks or megaphones are not allowed at any athletic contest at any league school.
Sec. E A visiting band of not more than 16 pieces are allowed at basketball games by permission of the host school.


The coach of the visiting team must have in his possession, for each member of his squad, a league approved medical care permit for emergency medical care. This must be signed by the appropriate parent or guardian.


Sec. A The National Federation Rule book for football, swimming, diving, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, soccer, baseball, softball, water polo and track shall be the official rule books for these sports.
Sec. B In those sports for which no official rule books are designated in this article, the Commissioner shall inform member schools as to the source for authoritative rules.


Sec. A Coaches of each sport will select one of their group to serve as assistant representatives for a two year term. Sec. B The athletic director of the school, to which the assistant representative in paragraph one (1) above, is attached will serve as representative for that particular sport.
Sec. C All communication for a particular sport will be directed to the representative who, in turn, will forward the communication to his assistant representative.
Sec. D Duties:

  1. 1. Represent the coaches of his/her sport in league and section action and see that pertinent information is communicated to these coaches.
  2. Attend (or designate and alternate) all meetings called by the CCS chairman for this sport.
  3. Prepare league schedules on a one year basis and present these schedules to the Board of Managers (via the Commissioner) at least one month before the Board’s May meeting.
  4. Regularly review the By-laws for his/her sport.

Sec. A Season
Sec. B Teams (by priority, start of games and length of periods
Sec. C Contests, scrimmages and tournaments
Sec. D Eligibility and movement of players
Sec. E Championships and Individual Champions
Sec. F Officials
Sec. G Equipment and facilities
Sec. H Order of events and Methods of scoring
Sec. I Weight divisions, Entries per division and Weigh-in times
Sec. K Medical Attention
Sec. L Movies
Sec. M Miscellaneous


No athletic recruiting is allowed. No letters may be mailed for athletic recruiting. Financial aid is to be given for need only. There can be no transfer or enrollment out of attendance areas for athletic reason only.


Sec. A All schedule changes must be approved in writing by both principals, seven calendar days in advance of the proposed change. Acts of God (rain) are exempt.
Sec. B Game time of SCCAL member schools shall be regulated by the following statement and consideration.

  1. Game times of all athletic events shall be decided by the home school.
  2. The least amount of the visiting school’s schedule class time interrupted shall be the prime consideration in game contract. .

Sec. C No athletic event may be scheduled during the final two weeks of the school year without the approval of the Board of Managers.
Sec. D Any competition involving opponents not on the school team concerned will be considered a “contest” as applied by the By-laws.
Sec. E Any school playing more contests than allowed by the Constitution will reduce the number of contests for the next year at a ratio of two for one, i.e. if a school plays two games over the maximum, that school could schedule a maximum of four games less than allowed by the Constitution for the next season.


Sec. A Any competition or scrimmage not involving players of the same school will be considered a game.
Sec. B A team qualifying for the CCS playoffs may schedule a scrimmage or a game provided they do not exceed the approved game limitations before the first CCS playoff contest.


Sec. A Teams and individuals shall be limited to one practice session on any day that school is in session.
Sec. B Teams may not practice on Sundays.